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  • The Rabit Head Symbol

    The Rabit head symbol

    Playboy’s Art Director designs the iconic Rabbit Head logo in under 10 minutes. The logo has remained unchanged for the last 60 years.

  • First Merchandise

    First Merchandise

    Playboy introduces its first merchandise including cufflinks, bracelets, sport shirts and playing cards to popularize the Rabbit Head logo.

  • The Mansion

    The Mansion

    Playboy Magazine comes to life with Hefner’s first TV appearance on Playboy’s Penthouse.


  • First Playboy Club

    First Playboy Club

    The first Playboy club opens in Chicago, attracting over 50,000 ‘Playboy key holders’ within the first year.

    New Clubs Including 
New York

    New clubs including New York

    The Playboy empire expands across the United States, with the first Club resort opening in Jamaica.

    The Playboy 

    The Playboy Philosophy

    Hefner writes and publishes The Playboy Philosophy expounding the true style behind the brand and the Playboy life. This philosophy of 50 years still resonates as we speak.



    Playboy Enterprises moves to its massive new headquarters in Chicago. The title of the building is rechristened with 9-foot high block letters that read: PLAYBOY.

  • Big Bunny

    Big Bunny

    Hefner purchases The Big Bunny, the costliest and largest aircraft of its time. The plane includes a wet bar lounge, a disco, a revolving bed and 9 flight attendants baptized by Hefner as the Jet Bunnies.


  • Playboy goes public

    Playboy goes public

    Playboy goes public, setting the record for investors buying at least one share as a collector’s item.

  • International Clubs

    international clubs

    The Empire goes global with Playboy clubs expanding to Osaka, Tokyo and even the Bahamas.

  • Silver Anniversary

    Silver Anniversary

    Playboy celebrates 25 years, making a toast to the good life.


  • Hefner Receives Star

    Hefner receives star

    Hefner gets a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

  • Playboy Fashion

    Playboy Fashion

    Playboy evolves; expanding into Playboy Fashion, celebrating its fun loving style across the world!


  • Playboy Boutique

    Playboy Boutique

    Playboy spreads its new free spirited identity through fashion boutiques across Asia.

  • Golden Anniversary

    Golden Anniversary

    USA celebrates 50 years of Playboy through the Playboy Club Tour- a series of nation-wide parties.

  • Palms Vegas

    Palms Vegas

    Las Vegas’ Palms welcomes Playboy with its versatile entertainment destination. Including a Playboy club, Hefner Sky villa and Retail store.


  •  Cancun Club

    Cancun Club

    Playboy integrates gaming with contemporary boutique nightlife in Cancun, Mexico. Giving patrons yet another way to play.

  • The London Club Returns

    The London Club returns

    Playboy’s London Club is restored with its vintage appeal, contemporary allure and of course- the Playboy Bunnies.

  • PB lifestyle

    PB lifestyle

    Playboy sets foot in India, with a vision to expand lifestyle in ways never seen before. With PB lifestyle as its sole license holder.

  • The Playboy Club Cologne

    The Playboy Club Cologne

    Playboy fuses modern German architecture with its rich heritage- creating the perfect luxury experience on the banks of Rein, with a restaurant, supper club, cigar lounge and nightclub.

  • Playboy Beach Club

    Playboy Beach club

    PB Lifestyle to launch the Flagship property, Playboy Beach club.

  • Playboy Club

    Playboy club

    PB Lifestyle launches Playboy Club in Mumbai.